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How we help game creators


Handling all press related endevours, including acquisition communications and retention to help build your network for current and future projects. We support press releases, journalistic coverage, public awareness and presentations, in ways that are bespoke to you specifically.


Client representation at events. Creating events such as game launches, social gatherings and industry panels.

Campaign Strategy

Ascertaining the best plans to promote your game/film or overall company. Preparing all elements of the story board, pre, during and post as well as providing learning from performance reports.

Mentoring and Support

We offer help with portfolios, resumes, advice on events, presentation analysis how to promote your brand and help with any other worries you have diving into the industry. Connection with publishers. 

Content Creation and Analysing

Social media and Press campaigns planned, executed and reviewed. Supporting narratives and copy for all marketing aspects of you and your creations story.

Brand Guidance and Promotion

Offering  services to startup esport and gaming companies, to improve brand visibility and product projection.

We provide candid professional advice on any aspect of your business that requires refining,including existing campaigns, marketing and sponsorship decks and the overall ethos and public persona of your brand and works.

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You can also get in touch via email, if you're looking for Marketing and PR support for your game, esport, film business: conor.sharkbit[at]gmail[dot]com